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About Us

About Us

FlexiSTORE brings you the latest and greatest mobile phones, tablets and mobile devices straight to your doorstep at competitive prices within days!

With our large selection of mobile devices, not only will you find the hottest flagships from major brands, but also some unique designs from smaller manufacturers.

Our experienced Fullfillment Technicians take take the necessary time to properly setup all devices according to your specific Software installation requirements before fullfillment.

Your new device(s) will arrive fully unlocked and pre-installed and it will be discreetly packaged and shrink-wrappeed as if Brand New from the manufacturers online shop.

Feel free to contact us for a free technical support session if you have any issue with your new device.

Billing and Fullfillment for FlexiSTORE is handled by

Technical Solutions Digital, Inc

Tracking info will be sent via email.


Fullfillment Center Address:

302 Sandy Oak Circle 303 Leesburg FL 34748, United States